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Thinking about ending my course early

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Hi Guys and Girls

I am thinking about ending my course at 16 weeks. My acne was never that bad to begin with it was just resilient to conventional treatments. My skin used to be wicked oily but now its dry like you wouldn't believe. Currently I am 14 weeks on the tane train. Here's some info because I have some questions.

I used to have mild facial acne and oiliness and mild acne on my upper back

I will have taken 8400 mg accutane by the end of my fourth month, even though my derm wants me to shoot for 18000 mg (is she crazy or what) 1st month=40mg/day, months2-4=80mg/day

My liver function has increased beyond the normal upper limit. My ALT was 66 (normal is 5-60) and my AST was 46 (normal is 8-40). This was two weeks ago roughly and she said i shouldn't be concerned given that my liver function was only mildly elevated. It is interesting though because everything else was normal.

I am just fearful of liver damage and am considering quitting accutane at 8400 mg. I weigh 98 kg (I am not obese, I am an exercise fanatic and quite muscular.

Anyways long story short, what can I expect in terms of my acne in terms of my acne returning if I end my course early? Will my acne return with my greasy skin? If it does will it be less stubborn and more treatable with more conservative methods? Thanks for hearing me out and all feedback is appreciated.

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This graph sums it up pretty well.


Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9521042

Other studies collectively suggest that 120 - 150 mg/kg is ideal to minimise relapses.

Note that even if you get 100 - 150 mg/kg that doesn't mean that you definitely won't relapse, but it appears to give you the best possible chance.


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