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Differin with Panoxyl 10 wash?

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I am wondering if anyone has tried this? A lot of people have posted about how harsh Panoxyl 10 wash is. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and have had no adverse side effects, no redness or dryness - in fact my skin feels very good on it. I am wondering about trying Differin again in combination with the wash. In the past I have used Duac (5% bp) with Differin, I gave up after 3 months because my skin felt very sore and red and I was still getting spots. I now think I gave up too soon, also, when I gave up these products my skin became worse than ever. I have read different things about the Panoxyl wash - some people say it is too harsh and others say it doesn't have as good an effect as bp gel/lotion that you leave on your skin. To me, it feels milder than the Duac, even though it is 10% bp and I much prefer it to Duac - but would it be a mistake to try it with Differin?

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No, go ahead and try differin, but get rid of that wash replace it with a gentle cleanser. The only active ingredient that is getting absorbed into your pores and actually penetrating your acne is whatever cream/gel your using (duac). The BP is only drying, and possibly causing irritation in the wash form. A gentle cleanser (try cetaphil) will be a much better mach as you are already using the harsher topicals.

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I didn't mean I was thinking of using the Duac and wash together. I don't paricularly like Duac so I wasn't going to use it at all. It must sound weird but the wash is having a really good effect. It has made my skin much smoother and softer and I have not experienced any redness, only a small amount of peeling in the first week. Seems rather odd considering what everyone else is saying about it. At the moment it is the only harsh topical I am using - I just use Eucerin Dermo-puifying wash in the evening, Panoxyl wash in the morning - both followed by Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel . I have also been taking Tetralysal antibiotics for nearly two months now. I am thinking of adding the Differin in the evening to my present routine.

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