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Nick B

A few questions about my skin

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I'm 18, male, I have cystic acne.

My current routine is cetaphil gentle cleanser, followed by persa gel BP 5%, tea tree oil as a spot treatment followed by a moisturizer. I use 10% glycolic acid at nighttime and it works really well.

Recently Ive been getting a lot of blackheads on my forehead and I'm just wondering how I can prevent/treat these?

Also, whenever I use a moisturizer, no matter how moisturizing it claims to be, my face becomes dry about halfway thru the day.

And last question, I have post acne scares, one is big enough and dark enough for people to ask 'what happened?' 'did you get hit in the face?' Is there anything I can do to help speed up the recovery process? I was thinking Bio-Oil.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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I would bet the glycolic acid is drying you out like mad, your already using BP, and TTO I don't see any need for it. I would just cut the GA out and up your BP to 10%. I have the same problem with my forehead and I use pro active's surfer mask, I'm sure you can find one at the drugstore though. Put it on for 10 min a couple times a week and remove with a warm/wet washcloth.

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