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Stretch mark scars / dermarolling?

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Hi everyone! I am just new to this forum,though have been reading with interest for a while now about the various results users have had from dermarolling........i am given lots of hope by other peoples happy endings :D !

Anyway,the question i have for everyone is this :

I have very deep,new,purple/red stretch mark scarring over my inner thighs and was wonderinf if anyone could advise on whether or not dermarolling would be suitable to treat these? if yes,how often and what length and brand of needle should i go for? I am SO confused,what with the amount of info available here and elsewhere online,and would MASSIVELY appreciate anyones help or advice who has experience with the same thing :). My scars are making me miserable and so self conscious and i would do anything to help them,even if it took years!

Thanks for taking the time to read and really hope i can hear back from some of you soon :) sorry if i have posted in wrong place too!

Thanks a lot and hope you can help!!


Magicmoggie :)

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I know a brilliant dermatologist and he does have a whole stretchmark program and I believe incorporates dermarolling and his products as he is also a chemist. I am going to go on the program even though mine are not too bad - I just want them improved.

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