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Whata a good acne fighting diet?

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Hey guys!!

Im so fustrated as im sure alot of you are with regards to acne!! I'm trying to find a diet to help control my acne. What sorts of food should i avoid and what should i eat more of. Theres so much on the internet but no results documented of these diets so i wanted to know if anyone had tried a certain acne diet and what it may have done for them. Thanks soo much!!

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^ That's true. There's also a thread full of people's success stories as well as a thread devoted to food with links to hundreds of 'what to eat' and recipe threads pinned under important topics right there at the top of the page.

But, as acne is a hormone and chronic inflammation related condition and insulin stimulates the production of other hormones including those that are involved in acne, what you want is diet habits that don't elevate blood sugar and therefore insulin. Keep all meals, drinks and snacks low to moderate GL. Lifestyle habits like sleep and physical activity/fitness affect how well your body manages blood sugar and those habits affect how strict your diet needs to be.

For the chronic inflammation, keep blood sugar stable, eat more anti-inflammatory foods (fruit, veggies, herbs, spices, teas and fish) than inflammatory--the worst of which are grains, sugar, hydrogenated/trans fats (crisco, margarine, fried food, almost any commercially prepared baked or fried food) and anything you have an intolerance to. Which you have to figure out for yourself.

Start by methodically avoiding, for at least a month each, the most commonly problematic foods like wheat/gluten grains, dairy (especially cow, especially from grain fed cows, and especially milk as opposed a fermented food like cheese and yogurt), peanuts, soy. Then there's eggs (especially from entirely grain fed battery cage hens), citrus, shell fish, true nuts, nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant), other grains and seeds which includes beans...

If you have any tendency towards any digestion issues and/or many allergies, then avoid wheat/gluten, corn, dairy and eggs from grain fed animals, etc for several months. Anti-nutrients in gluten damage intestinal linings and lead to digestion issues which can cause more food intolerances to form. Even if you don't notice an improvement from cutting it out, it should not be a big part of your diet. Wheat is never a health food, no matter how whole it is.

And then there's the nutrients that help your body function, balance hormones, fight inflammation, manage blood sugar, etc. Eat real, whole nutrient dense foods: Lots of greens, broccoli, cabbage, sweet potatoes, herbs, teas, fish, eggs from pastured hens provided you aren't allergic...

More info on all of the above and more: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Good-Acne...es-t230714.html The many factors involved in acne formation and what to do about them.

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