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I have been using differin 0.3 gel for about 4 months (tomorrow will be the official mark) and I have so many questions about this product and I'm so confused so anybody who has advice would be greatly appreciated!

My journey through differin has been hell, I'm not gonna lie. My self confidence is absolutely gone, I can't even look at myself anymore without wanting to break down in tears.

But I do have to say that the progress has gotten somewhat better. My acne to begin with was never really bad and when I started using differin it definitely made my skin worst for about 5 weeks (which was probably the initial breakout) Now since it's been 4 months, I don't get as much new pimples as I did before. I use to wake up with 10 new zits on my face and now it's just 1 or 2.

Now my problem is if I should quit or not. Despite of the improvement I saw (very little though) my skin is still bad enough to make me feel extremely self conscious. I've been using it for 4 months!! I read somewhere that by this time my skin should be pretty much clear...

And what about my SCARS?!? I have sooo many scars on my face, it's just as noticeable as pimples. Does differin fade scars? I've read a lot of stuff on this product and I know that it takes away layers of your skin and it's suppose to fade scars but does it really? I have more scars then usual and I honestly don't know if it's because of differin or if there's anything I can do about it.

Also, I feel like my cleanser isn't strong enough. Right now I'm using Cetaphil gentle cleanser day and night right before I apply differin. I feel like it's not cleaning enough of my skin since it's pretty much water...I've started to break out on my chin (which was NEVER a problem for me before) and I don't even apply differin there! I thought maybe it's because I'm only appling cetaphil and it isn't enough to fight of all the dirt. I was thinking of using proactiv renewing cleanser with BP. Before differin I used proactiv and my skin was wonderful and clear for 2 years and then it stopped working for me. I just read that some people use BP with differin and I read that others say that it's bad for you....

I don't know, I'm just really confused. If anybody can answer these questions or give me advice I would love it very much! I just kinda need to know if I should quit and try something else, give it more time or maybe change up my regimen to make it better....

Suggestions please? Thanks.

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i know seeing my reply isn't going to help you too much, but started differin a week ago and i'm very anxious now....i hope someone can come forward with more information. i just posted a few below you and hopefully someone will chime in who is knowledgeable, for me i have read so many negative accounts that i'm wondering if i should take it at all because i'm dealing with mild to moderate hormonal acne and the thought of it worsening FROM Differin is something that's frightening me. for every success story i've seen a horror story, and i'm not sure why my dermatologist was so enthusiastic about Differin if these problems are so prevalent.

i hope you get the responses you are looking for!!

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Once upon a time, Differin 0.3 worked wonders for my skin. The initial breakout was hell, though- 3 months of breakouts and flaking skin. I used it for awhile, and it cleared me up and made my skin glow. That was maybe 10 years ago. I've been using Proactiv cleanser with Differin .1, and it's not to harsh on my skin, in fact, I'm still oily, and I think something stronger would be better for my skin, like Retin A. The thing is, retinoids like Differin and Retin A are notorious for long, horrible initial breakouts, and I dread staring something new. I wouldn't be afraid to try Differin with Proactiv, though, if you feel like you need it.

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mulliford: Thanks, I hope I find some answers too!

And I know exactly what you mean. Before I started using differin, I spent so many hours researching it and reading other people's experiences. There are people who've had amazing results with differin but as well as people who said that it pretty much messed up their skins. To be honest, I kinda wished that I never started on it but there's no point in dwelling on that. I do still have some faith in differin though, I just think I need to find the right regimen...But I'm kind of scared to go back to the derma. I'm afraid she'll perscribed me something even more complicated with more side effects. I just wish I could find a simple product that will get rid of all my blemishes!

Anyways, goodluck on your journey with differin. Hopefully it'll be better for you.

sbeans: Ok thank you! I think I actually will use proactiv with differin and hopefully it doesn't react badly on my skin.

So I'm guessing differin wears off over time? But it did clear up your skin, even if it was temporary right. And did you get a lot of scars when you were still using differin? (Sorry for all the questions!)

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