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I've been scouring the internet to find the best blue and red acne lights and have been researching the topic for days. some of my research brought me here, so i thought i'd see if any of you could answer my questions. i've gathered in my research that the direct contact handheld types are best because the light doesn't have to travel as far and therefore can't dispurse. i've also read that the tabletop red and blue combination lights don't offer an equal distribution of light, and aren't as effective. and someone said that the table top lamps like the anelamps aren't as well made, but that was just some random comment from someone on the internet, so i don't know how true that one is. and although more expensive, i know i need to get each light separately (red and blue) because they're more effective that way. i'm also trying to find the most surface area covered in this type of device, the most i've found is 4 square inches in the Nutraluxe acne light, but i can't find any site that says how many led's are in each and how many nm's are in each(red and blue). it says in the description that studies have shown blue light in the 405- 420nm range are effective but it doesn't say what the bulbs actually are and i want to know before i spend the money(please let me know if any of my info is wrong here, this is just what i've found).

the dpl nuve light seems to have a slightly smaller surface coverage, but it says that it has the required 415nm blue and 660 nm red and 60 leds of each, so i'd know i was getting the right amount of light with a decent amount of leds. so out of every product out there these are the two i've landed on, has anyone used either and have anything to say about them? i don't want to spend more $200 on each light. i've had really bad cystic acne for 13 years and have always had really oily skin. i've been on everything under the sun including accutane and nothing has worked, so i'm going to try phototherapy and i really want to pick the right device! any suggestions??

(sorry for the immense post, i'm just really trying to make the best decision so i can get some relief from this wretched skin, any advice is appreciated!)

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