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Anyone hit their prescription drug coverage limits?

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In short I am an 26 year old male and have had acne since I was 12-13. Kind of a mixed bag, mild to moderate on my face with cystic acne on my back. Been using a BP face wash for years which helped a little with my face. But In that time frame my skin has never been clear.

So back in january I got the courage to see a derm and was started on Solodyn and Ziana. Had a card for the first scripts free, and then had the discount cards to limit my copays on the following scrips. At the 2 month recheck Acanya was added in to the mix.

The problem is I am a grad student and my student insurance only covers $1750 a year in prescription drug coverage. And with the Solodyn being >$600 a script, the Ziana > $400 a tube, and Acanya > $200 a tube I've used up all of my prescription drug coverage in 3 months. So when I go in for my recheck next month(at the 4 month mark) I have $0 left for getting refills on any of my meds. So any future meds I would need to pay 100% out of pocket for until late september when its considered a new year.

During my 2 month checking I mentioned to my doc that I was going to use up all of my drug coverage pretty soon, and they really didn't seem to understand what I was trying to tell them. This has me wondering if my insurance drug coverage is just abnormally low, or if other people have had this problem in the past?

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