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My experience with the Regimen

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Ok, I've been meaning to post my journey for awhile. I had been on Proactiv for years and it was the only thing that kept my mild-moderate acne at bay. I had a few issues with it though: the price was a big thing, plus the fact that I had to order it and pay shipping. I longed to be able to just buy products at the drugstore like a normal person. I also started having issues with my skin (forehead especially) being extremely greasy. I'm in my mid-20s and frankly, it was getting really embarrassing. With Proactiv, my skin stayed mostly clear with the exception of the occasional under-the-skin, painful, swollen zit. After trying everything (including buying other Proactiv products) to combat the oiliness, I found this site. At the end of December 2010, I ordered Dan's products.

I started off with Dan's cleanser, BP and moisturizer. I followed all instructions to a T. My skin cleared up fast- no zits, and the oiliness was cut down, but then the dryness kicked in. Oh the dryness. Coming from extremely oily skin being my issue, I was not prepared for what having super dry skin was like. It was horrible. I was miserable and got to the point where I dreaded applying the BP. I was also afraid of what kind of damaging effects the dryness was doing to my skin. I kept with it, waiting for my skin to adjust but after a few months, it never did. I was frustrated and felt like I had to choo

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