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Popped Pimple Still Swollen...

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I squeezed a pimple on my cheek two days ago which I know is bad because it's always worse when they're in the cheek area. It was red and felt hard but I only saw an obvious open looking pore. When I put the compress on, I saw white stuff come near the surface, so I squeezed a few times because even when I thought it was done, there was more. I squeezed until nothing else came out. Ever since then, I kept polysporin on and the surface of the pimple is more healed now but it's still a bright red little bump. The bump just looks puffy and swollen. It doesn't feel hard-ish like anything's in there. Does it just take longer sometimes for the inflammation to go away? I know with my cheek, even when I get pimples professionally extracted, they still stay swollen for a bit. The only thing I'm worried about is that I squeezed it myself so I don't know if it's just normal swelling or it's still a pimple. Does it take swelling awhile to go away sometimes?

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Yeah if your gonna start it, you've already inured all the negatives of popping so you may as well finish - as removing everything inside makes the blemish go away very fast.

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That spot is all healed now, the swelling went down. There was nothing left in there, I think the skin was just staying puffy for a little but now it's just a flattish pink spot that I can cover with makeup. I don't mind when it leaves a pink mark because I know those fade away. There's no indentation or anything. I wore polysporin on it for a few days, so that helped speed up healing.

Now I have another pimple on the other side of my face on my lower cheek. Grrr...this is why I pop them because the bump and pimple can't start to heal until whatever's in there comes out. But I'm trying to be good and not pop and just keep applying a warm compress to it.

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