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Ok, I've been meaning to post my journey for awhile. I had been on Proactiv for years and it was the only thing that kept my mild-moderate acne at bay. I had a few issues with it though: the price was a big thing, plus the fact that I had to order it and pay shipping. I longed to be able to just buy products at the drugstore like a normal person. I also started having issues with my skin (forehead especially) being extremely greasy. I'm in my mid-20s and frankly, it was getting really embarrassing. With Proactiv, my skin stayed mostly clear with the exception of the occasional under-the-skin, painful, swollen zit. After trying everything (including buying other Proactiv products) to combat the oiliness, I found this site. At the end of December 2010, I ordered Dan's products.

I started off with Dan's cleanser, BP and moisturizer. I followed all instructions to a T. My skin cleared up fast- no zits, and the oiliness was cut down, but then the dryness kicked in. Oh the dryness. Coming from extremely oily skin being my issue, I was not prepared for what having super dry skin was like. It was horrible. I was miserable and got to the point where I dreaded applying the BP. I was also afraid of what kind of damaging effects the dryness was doing to my skin. I kept with it, waiting for my skin to adjust but after a few months, it never did. I was frustrated and felt like I had to choose between oily, pimply skin or horribly dry, painful peely skin. Neither was ok to me. Dan's moisturizer just wasn't doing it for me. Before giving up, I decided to try the jojoba oil. Omg. It saved my skin. I read somewhere to apply it before the BP, which works wonders for me. My skin would feel so dry after cleansing, applying the BP would be painful but with jojoba on my skin first, my skin would feel normal again. I saw less peeling and a lot less stinging. My skin glowed for the first time in my life, was NOT oily! It always feels balanced now. At this time, I also scaled back the BP a bit. Using the full amount seemed to just dry out my skin, while using less gave me the results I wanted with less product waste and less dry skin. I also decided to switch out Dan's moisturizer for CeraVe. I was still getting slight dryness around the mouth (no peeling, but I'm a perfectionist). The CeraVe works MUCH better for me than Dan's moisturizer.

My next issue was little bumps on my forehead. My esthetician said it was built up dead skin and that I needed to exfoliate. With Proactiv, I'd exfoliate 2 times a day with the scrubby cleanser so I never got this but now I wasn't doing it at all. It seemed to contradict the regimen. However, I wanted smooth skin and I started seeing more and more bumps on my forehead. I turned to AHA. I just purchased LacHydrin5 which Dan recommends. Um...it's a miracle. I've used it 3 nights in a row on my forehead and the bumps are disappearing and I wake up looking and feeling like I just had a facial. My skin is so smooth and soft, no acne and no dryness. For now, I'm thrilled with the state of my skin. It's never looked better.

I switched to Purpose liquid cleanser when I ran out of Dan's, simply because I can get it at my local Walmart for $4.50/bottle and the bottle is prettier. It works just as good. I plan to always use Dan's BP plus my jojoba oil. I now use Olay Sensitive Skin SPF 15 for day and alternate between CeraVe Night moisturizer and LacHydrin5 at night. I get an occasional SMALL pimple around my period, but it goes away within 1-2 days (before they'd last for months). All in all, Dan's regimen works but it took some tweaking for me to get it just right for my skin. That's my main message here- everyone's skin is different and what are HG products for me, may do nothing for you. It's all about figuring out what works for you and the Regimen offers a fantastic base to build off of.

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