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I need help; I made a big mistake with glycolic acid

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I bouht in the 70%. because i have been suffering from red spots/ hyperpigmentation for a loong time and i have to use makeup to cover it up. so i get the acid and i use it, somewhat a lot, one day, it made my face flare up but that was expected. it stung a bit i guess when i put it on. i rinsed it off after 10 minutes. (i wasn't sure if i should do it every day or like once a week). The next day i did the same thing, but it was more painful and then there were a few spots where i started bleeding from. now my face is all messed up; theres a huge gash on my nose, and the red spots are the reddest i've ever seen them, and my chin is all chopped up basically. should i buy a different product ? Why didnt the burning happen on the first time i used it? I tried to cure this with aloe vera but it seems to make my face look redder and it makes it "not flexible" at all. what should i do, firstly to cure this big mistake, and what % should i buy of glycolic acid., and what should i do overall. HELP!

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You should ease your skin in to glycolic acid, use 30% and then increase gradually if you have to. Also should only leave it a couple of minutes the first time - same as before you should gradually increase the time left on not exceeding 10mins. The other thing is you shouldnt really do it so frequently, maybe just once a week.

If I were you id not use the GA for a long time... just use aloe vera to heal the burns and dont use any acne treatments for a while as it will only further damage your skin.

Hope thats helpful! Good luck :)

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Agree with N.clare. Don't apply any more acid.

My understanding of using such a high concentration, is that you do it ONCE. Then wait to see the results over the next few days/weeks. It should only be left on the skin for 2 to 3 minutes, until you see it frosting, then wash it off & neutralise it with baking soda. Then rinse your face again.

Aloe vera appears to be the most widely recommended treatment after a glycolic peel, so try to carry on using that if you can.

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