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I need a moisturizer that will "cool" my skin / reduce redness and give it a matte look...I live in hot climate area and that would help me a lot with my skin...

Any Ideas ? Nothing too pricey tho I cant afford 40-50$ for a small tube of cream.... :confused:

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I actually just picked up some from the store, by alba botanica. Oil-free mattifying lotion or something like that, the bottle is somewhere in my room. I haven't used it yet because it has salicylic acid and im on BP already. To be honest the reviews to it where poor but I read them after I bought it.

Bought it at Meijer, don't know if you have that store where you are, if you do, go to them. Their skin care section is friggin awesome, way better than any other supermarket store I've been to.

oh and it was approx $17.00 for a 2oz bottle (alba botanica products always seem to be at a "cheaply expensive" price)

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Update, used it today...in the morning. It sucks, as the reviews warned. Oil shine on nose not impacted at all, it wasn't even dispersed. The worst part, a friend later looked at me crazy and he asked me why the hell I was wearing makeup. I'm a guy. I was in a hurry so I didn't really wait for it to dry then inspect my face, just put it on and went in the morning. So warning to any dudes looking to test alba botanica mattifier. Oh well.

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I have TRES oily skin, and here is my experience.

Vichy Normaderm ProMat with SPF 15 - Allure Winner

- I use that and its the ONLY moisturizer that doesnt make me a greaseball

Neutrogena Combination Skin

- I love this too, but no SPF. So only use it indside.

Neutrogena Sheer SPF 30

- I use it as a sunblock and moisturizer, because its so matte. Perfect for summer.

Shisideo has a very good one with SPF, i just cannot remeber the entire name.

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