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James Wilson

What's the doctors advice on alcohol?

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Didn't really clear this one up with my doctor but I should have.

I realise Accutane puts big pressure on your liver, and it's you liver that cleanses the body from alcohol intake, but what does that practically mean?

few beers with mates at a pub once a week, i mean 2 or 3 pints max - shall i cut that out, or is that moderation?

anyone go out and get completely drunk as if they weren't on any medication?

i'll be honest, i did that once at the start of my course, and my heart thumped against my chest for 2 days after - not sure if it would have done that regardless of the Accutane or not! not major piss ups since

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I did get very drunk one weekend, but didn't get that weird heart thumping that you mentioned. The first night of drinking I probably had about the equivalent of 15 drinks (maybe a little more..) throughout the night and woke up very very hungover. It took all day to recover. Then the very next night I probably had 10 drinks but I drank A LOT of water before I went to bed, and was not hungover at all the next morning. Just keep yourself hydrated and it will be much easier on your liver. I don't think it's bad to drink as long as you do it in moderation. I never drink so I went a little crazy that weekend but unless your blood levels are weird then you should be fine.

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