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Please read this and advise, weird problem

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After taking accutane for only 2 months about 2 years ago I have developed dermatitis. It did wonders for my acne but left me loosing all my head hair along with the most distressing part of all my eyebrows!! I have extremly oily skin since accutane. My eyebrows are oily all the time. Underneath the hair I see red flaky skin. I loose at least 10 eyebrows every day. I have tried everything. Shampoos, steroid creams, tea trea oil, on and on. My head and eyebrows constantly burn and my hair is falling out in a huge amounts everyday. Anyway. I still have my script for accutane and have about 100 20mg pills. I was thinking about taking 1 20mg pill per weak. would that help with the oily skin causing my dermatitis? I already am dealing with this hairloss I think was caused by accutane so I am very leary. Any suggestions. I cant deal with this eyebrow and hair loss and I think dermatits might be the problem. btw I have been to 5 derms and 2 endos.

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Please, what ever you do, DO NOT go back on accutane. That is what caused your problems in the first place, and even if it solves your problems while your on it they will return (and likely worst) post tane.

I think you would be a good candidate for the coconut oil/honey regimen. It works great for dermatitis because it is antibacterial, ant-inflammatory and helps rebuild the skin epidermis. Heres a link for more information about the regimen:


Make sure you put the honey and coconut oil on your hair, entire face, eyebrows, and ears. If you only treat the spots that the dermatitis is affecting it will just cause the dermatitis to migrate to untreated locations.

That is odd that your skin became oily post tane....was it oily before? Usually the opposite would occur and there would be a somewhat long term reduction in oil production post tane. Oily skin is very difficult to treat. I would get the dermatitis under control with the honey/coconut oil regimen (which will probably take 1-2 months) and then begin using a sulfur face wash. A sulfur face wash will reduce your oily skin, while keeping the dermatitis in check. Besides that, use oil controlling wipes daily to control excess shine.


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Hi Budwardo

Oil King has given you good advice. The only thing i'd mention is if your skin is sensitive or prone to redness in any way make sure you get gentle skin wipes, not the acne-strength ones which might irritate things further.

What you have might actually have is Seborrheic dermatitis so look into that raw honey/coconut oil regimine but you might also want to use anti-dandruff shampoo (e.g. heads n Shoulders with Zinc pyrithione or Sebizole/Nizoral shampoo and leave on scalp for 5 mins before rinsing), and topical anti-fungal miconazole cream for the face/eyebrow areas or DermaDoctor Born to Be Mild cleanser (buy online). Basically if you have SD a yeast that natrually lives on the skin is behind the irritation and thrives in moisture rich/oily/warm body areas. So anti-fungal treatments usually help in getting the yeast under control, but it takes time. Also, could be an idea to take Probiotic supplements (good bacteria in capsules help keep yeast under control in body) and look into a low sugar/low yeast diet.

Useful link: http://www.dermnet.org.nz/dermatitis/sebor...dermatitis.html

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