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Hey all,

I need some advice please. My face is like a junk yard full of crap!! After probably 15yrs of not being bothered with actually doing anything constructive about dealing with it, its now become an irritant that i want to really address.

Ok first all i have some mental scarring on my face thats a mix of ice pick and boxscars and rolling scars. I would like to address these issues but they are not at the top of my list at present.

What i would reallly like to address though is all the crap that is currently clogged up in my face. I have a variety of blackheads and i THINK whiteheads. When i squeeze my face almost anywhere there is just this white crappy stuff that just comes out my face!! The sides of my nose and on my nose is just a nightmare. I can clean these areas everyday and sure as hell the next i clean this and again there will be white gunk coming out!!

CUrrently i use this home microderbrasion thing, i use clean & clear blackhead cleaner/cream. I also use the nuetrogina moisturiser. I use this everyday on my face and have been doing so now for about 2months bit i still see no improvement.

I do have very very oily skin i should add.

So in order to free up these pores of mine with all this crap do you think i should do a chemical peel or not? If i should what should i try? I was considering perhaps a glycolic peel or sysilic peel.

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