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It's internal - but I don't know how

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I've become frustrated with not eating what I want. Keeping girlfriend is extremely hard when you can never go out to eat. I'm interested in whether anyone has found help in gastro doctors or anything. I've typed this up for my doctor and I'm going to take it to him to for advice (every doctor in the past tries to tell me its all in my head and acne isn't related to my diet).

Thing I know:

Diet DOES effect it

Breads, Pastas, Pastries, etc break me out (gluten?) - can sometimes take a day after eating it.

Dairy (cheese especially) breaks me out

Sugars break me out (even the tiniest bit from bbq sauce or alcohol)

What I do:

Cut out gluten and dairy completely

Minimize sugars (this is very hard)

Use Neutrogena face wash every morning

Use Neutrogena face scrub every night

Use Clearsil/Neutrogena spot treatment on bad spots at night

Vitamins - To ensure proper vitamins

Fish Oil - For hormonal balance

Glutamine - Heals intestine

Psyllum Husk - Helps digestion


Almost all Cystic acne (pimples that never or take a long time to form a whitehead). Painful and scarring

Face and back

Pin size breakouts on chest

My thoughts:

I'm certain its internal. I take great care of my skin and have been for the past 3 years. I've been to 3 different dermatologists (2 in FW, 1 in Los Angeles). Both blamed it on my age, but I only started getting acne at 18 and it is slowly been getting worse as I get older.

Things I've considered:

Parasite? Food Allergies (unlikely that I'm allergic to so much)? Insulin Resistance? Low/High Stomach Acid? Low Digestive Bacteria?

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I'm looking into the whole Glycemic Index thing, about how certain foods raise your blood sugar levels a lot which in turn raise your insulin which becomes mistaken for hormones, etc. and how it's really connected to acne.

And of course, bread and rice and everything is under that (largely because of the way it is processed so much) BUT ALSO POTATOES! And dates and watermelon. Stuff like that I was surprised to learn, because I would think I was eating healthy but I would still breakout, but that could have been due to potatoes or I would have dates as a healthy treat kind of thing.

Also, if you're a really sensitive person, I've heard that the fillers in vitamins cause reactions, etc.

Good luck!

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Guest pokemonster

imho ur on right way, just keep doing what u do, as it may take longer to take effect than u think, but eventually all that should/must work, unless u have rly weirdass inner issue, but just at some point look into what ur considering as well n then see from there. n yahh iknow all those diets etc r so damn hard to keep up perfectly man, yep :dozing:

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