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Three pumps ?

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I've been on the regimen since February, and it's working great.

About a month ago, I changed from the BP I bought here (I live in Belgium, and the only thing available was 5% BP, and it cost me about 10$ a week) to Dan's BP.

The instructions called for three full pumps, and I followed it.

However, it just seems like way too much. It doesn't break me out, or irritate me or anything, but it takes forever to dry.

My method to apply BP is to damp it in small touches all over my face, and to gently rub after, but when I've damped it on every single spot of my face, there's still BP left in my hand.

Not wanting to disobey the 3 pumps rule, I just put it on some random spot of my face, but the area has thus too much BP on it, and takes up to 40 minutes to dry.

It's very annoying, because the regimen that used to take me 30 minutes, now takes one hour.

Are any of you having this problem ?

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3 full pumps is the amount suggested by Dan to get the skin clear and keep it clear, however if you can use less and stay clear, then by all means use what works for you. Based on the feedback we get, most people need to use the full amount.

The best way to do this is to start out by using the full amount and get cleared up. Then if you want to try using less and see if you can stay clear, you can certainly give it a try and see how it goes. If you can't stay clear though, ramp back up to the full suggested amount for best results.

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Dude i feel you, i use about a nickle size each time and ive been on the regimen for over 2 years. Just dab small dots all over your face and thats it. My face is clear 99% of the time. No need for 3 pumps at all.

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