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7 years of pain, what I picked up and learned to get to my current state of peace.

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This will be my last post, I want to pass on everything I have learned over the past 7 years to my fellow scar sufferers. I received box scars, ice pick, deep rolling scars from a long battle of acne.

1. Fraxel Laser-In 2008, I had 3 sessions of fraxel with somewhat high settings. It cost me 2700. 15% improvement.

2. Exfoliating is overlooked- I always got my exfolation from shaving, but once I grew a 5'oclock shadow beard all I used was a trimmer and had to find another way to exfoliate since I wasn't shaving with a razor. I bought an exfoliation sponge and used it in conjuction with my facial cleanser. One year later, my scars have smoothed out and got another 20% improvement (I applied pressure when cleaning with the exfoliating sponge). I believe this causes cell turnover at a very rapid rate, especially when you do it everynight.

3. Moisturizing-I can only recommend this to people who have their acne under control. A co-worker of mine had really deep rolling scars. They were the type that are suppose to be on your face until the day you die. Well, the scars never bothered him so he never had any treatment done. But what he loved to do was moisturize. He even refused to believe that over moisturizing causes flare ups! At work he is known by a few as "the man with the shiny forehead". About 2 years later his skin is flawless. All his scars are gone. I was truly shocked, and believe long term moisturizing can do wonders to deep rolling scars.

4. Leave the scarring alone, go after another inferiority-After my Fraxel sessions, I didn't feel much more confident. Having the money, I had to have a septoplasty done to fix my deviated septum (medical reasons). Since I was going under the knife, I decided to have my large nose fixed. I did it, and felt much more confident and my scars were overlooked. I took a step further and had my chin moved 9mm forward. I looked even better and the scars didn't bother me so much (didn't even think about them). Bottomline, for the same price of 5 Fraxel sessions that give low results, spend it on another procedure that gives fullproof results (nose job, chin augmentation, hell there's even a surgery to make you taller!).

5. Bio Oil- This stuff is something I came across last year. I burned the top piece of my skin off (long story) and this stuff fully healed the burn and erased the scar in 3 months. I then began using it as a moisturizer for the past 6 months, my hyperpigmentation from my old scars disappeared completely after every day use. My skin is known for breaking out when oily, but this oil dries up in a few seconds and does wonders. Please give it a chance... I feel that what's left of my rolling scars, box scars, ice pick will even get better if I stick to this regiment for a couple years.

6. If possible grow a 5 o'clock shadow- If you can grow hair easily, a five o-clock shadow can hide uneven skin tone and pigmentation and even the scars themselves. I use the Norelco trimmer to maintain the 5 o'clock shadow (it's like 18 bucks)

Good luck, my friends.

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I always tell people to use moisturizer bc it makes the scarring look better and I have been telling men to grow 5 o'clock shadow for years.

Did you ever try fillers or subcision for your scars?

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