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just wanna know if the bp fash is effective.?

im a having an acne & blackheads in my cheeks ryt now & a friend of me suggested to me to buy the product?i wonder if it is effective?

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If its a wash I'm not going to recommend it, its only on your skin for 30 seconds max and then is washed away - giving it no time to be absorbed and penetrate blemishes you'll just get the negative effects of BP. Try BP in a gel or cream from instead, as well as using a non irritating wash.


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Hi - I have been using the Panoxyl 10 wash (10% BP). I have only been using it for a week but it has had a really good effect. I have been using it as directed - once a day with plenty of oil-free moisuriser afterwards. In just a week my skin has begun to feel amazingly soft and smooth. My spots have been healing much quicker and it seems to have an amazing exfoliating effect. I have used Duac in the past (5% BP) and it made my skin feel sore and left a sticky residue. I am waiting to see how it goes and may consider using a 2.5 % BP gel in the evening and the wash in the morning. The main thing is to expect flaking and dryness. I have found that the dryness can be easily dealt with with plenty of oil free moisturiser - I use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel. I think that the flaking is a temporary thing which apparently indicates that the product is working.

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