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"At Home" Chemical Peels...

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Hello everyone.

Well this is my problem...

First of all (Sadly) I do not have and will not have that kind of money in far future...to afford Dermatologist treatments...

I have Mild scarring looking really similar to this picture...


So what can I do about it? Scars are just standing there for more than a year now,no changes...

Will at home peels work? My budget is really low I can spend maybe 100 - 200$...

Please I need recommendations? Which Treatment works well for a fair price ?

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Ok, so for 100-200 bucks don't expect miracles to happen for your acne scars, I'm just trying to be realistic and let you know now, so you don't get upset later. People have spent thousands and thousands of dollars doing invasive stuff like co2 lasers and dermabrasion with little results.

Ok, so since your budget is only 100-200 bucks, I recommend the following 3 items.

(i'm not a doctor, so do your own research and do at your own risk)

1) dr.roller 1.5mm dermaroller

2) 100% TCA peel (don't use as full strength 100 percent ever on your face, not even for tca cross, use this as a stock to dilute and make your own weaker peels such as 15-25 percent).

3) BD 30g hypodermic needles to do your own self micro-subcision.

I think the above 3 items will give you the best bang for your buck. However, read this forum completely. Peels and subcision and stuff like that should be done by a doctor, so read up carefully before you attempt to do it yourself.

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As money is a constraint for you before you spend 200 dollars on treatment try GNC aloe gel for a week, if it works continue using. Good luck with your scar treatment.

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