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Candida and Acne

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I need help in identifying what I feel is a Candida fungal infection on my face. I posted earlier in the Severe Acne section but haven't gotten a clear response. Apparently theres no real way to test for Candida at home, so Im scheduling a doctors appointement but I also want to get my facts straight first. Here what drew me to this conclusion:

-My acne used to be all around my body, base of the neck, underneath chin, face, forehead, back of the neck, along my back but everywhere else but my face has cleared up.

-The onyl area with acne is around my mouth and on my chin, nowhere on my forehead or on my nose or on my neck or on my back.

-I had taked Amoxicillin (widely noted to cause Candida fungal infections) and broke out in a huge rash and it was noted that I had mono.

-Once the rash cleared and i went off amoxicillin, the weekend from when I stopped using it, I started breaking out around my mouth, since then its been bad and got to a bad stage where it stays at and doesn't change

-No topical antibiotics recently taken have had any sort of effect.

-Acne is filled with clear liquid most of the time.

-Atleast 5 new puss filled spot appear each day, heal that night and new ones appear

One of the biggest factors that lead me to this was the fact that I ONLY have acne around my mouth, literally nowhere else on my face.

I tried:

-using SLS free toothpaste

-using no medicated products just natural

-taking zinc supplements

*None of which made a difference

Does anything think this could be an overgrowth of Candida?





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its hard to tell what EXACTLY is causing your acne. I have also taken amoxicillin along with many other antibiotics in the past and pretty much blame them for my acne today.

I once asked a doctor about Candida and simply got laughed at and was told everybody has yeast in their bodies and just to go back on antibiotics. it really is hard to find someone who really cares about you and would rather listen than write you off a 6 month prescription.

have you looked up the symptoms for Candida to see if you meet any of them?

I have actually been looking into this and bought some natural Candida cleanse herbs and am also looking into taking baking soda (in very small amounts) along with probiotics and various vitamins to flush away Candida, if in case this is what I have. just another mystery case in the step to curing acne. oh how fun..... :doh:

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Good luck getting a regular doctor to diagnose you. I've read it is very hard so I didn't even try. I did the "spit test" and Ph strips to diagnose myself. I'm almost positive what I have is Candida. The spit test is said to be a hoax, but I think not. My wife and friend who have clear skin and no physical problems such as fatigue or other candida symptoms passed the test. I failed it first attempt. The Ph strip tests I did pointed to an average of 6.5 which is acidic, thus high possibility of having Candida which is a type of yeast and/or fungus infection in the body. This is attributed to a history of poor diet, antibiotics and genetics that affect your digestion and body's ability to rid toxins. I started my candida diet about 4 days ago and I am taking probiotics and supplements. I think I'm starting the "die off" stage because I broke out like crazy, but it's suppose to be a sign of healing.

Here are a few sites that can help:


(I'd be interested to know your results of the spit test)


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You should try a Candida diet; even if you don't have it, the foods you will and will not be eating should certainly help! Check out The Love Vitamin.com for information.

Edit: I guess I just repeated the person above me! Sorry!

Edited by Kyle H

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