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Embarrassing- antibiotics and yeast infections?

Good news: with Doxycyclin, Benzaclin, and Tazorac, my skin is looking GREAT!

Bad news: I've got a yeast infection. At first I contributed it to the fact that I was on Doxy plus 2 other antibiotics for bronchitis and a horrific sinus infection. My doctor called in a pill for me to take, and it went away... or so I thought. I'm having that "feeling" again, and so I went to the store and got some Monistat. The reoccurance could be due to the fact that I had a doughnut eating binge (I'm allergic to yeast anyway, so that was NOT smart!), but I wonder if the doxy is killing off the good bacteria.

I'm afraid to go to the ob-gyn (how embarrassing), and I've had this problem before so I'm going to treat it myself.

Should I go off of the Doxy so that my body can restore some of that good bacteria that I need to keep the yeast down? Honestly, I would rather have mild acne than this awkward, painful itch all the time!

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Try probiotics.

I've used corn flour to prevent yeast infections (keeps everything dry) but I'm not sure it would be effective for an already present infection.

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If your allergic to yeast and it happened directly following an excessive consumption of yeast, I see no reason to alter your acne treatment if its working good.

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