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Blackheads surfacing on nose (Accutane)

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Hey guys,

Just wondering on my 3rd week on Accutane 30mg, my blackheads on my nose are just so dry type feeling and feel so rough when I slide my finger softly across it. It feel's like its surfacing on the top layer of the skin and feels so rough and can feel them real easily. Whenever I put Moisturizer(Cetaphil) on my nose you can basically count each little blackhead because of the white cream. My nose was always packed with them, tons and tons all across my nose but never could have felt it, unless I squeezed them out.

What does this mean? is it cleaning the pores or something?


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when i first started accutane my blackheads on my nose went crazy for a few weeks and all surfaced basically but then after a while they all disappeared and now theres nothing on my nose except some small holes and sometimes white shit comes out when its really dry

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I had the same thing at the beginning of my course, but do not worry they are drying and making their way out. After the initial few weeks of this all the blackheads were 'unplugged' from my nose and I am totally clear.

I think the way I removed some of it was just cetaphil cleansing onto a cotton bud then gently massage. This way many of the the loose blackheads will come out.

Stick with it my nose was full of them but now not one. I am 3 months into my course

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Hey I'm having the same issue with my blackheads, I am on my 19th day of Acctuane and I've noticed that all my blackheads on my nose have appeared significantly darker and more noticeable, and it also seems like I have way more... It looks dreadful cry.gif I'm wondering if this is a good thing or a bad thing? I guess this is what the posters above me were talking about (blackheads coming to the surface) I just started using Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser on my nose only, and the Biore strips on my nose as well (which work very good and removed lots of blackheads) anyone have any other similar experiences like this, if so when did your nose actually clear up?

*crosses fingers for them to disapear*

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