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question about bp gel!

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Dan, I finally ordered your bp gel after a month or two of debating. For the past month or two I have just been washing my face with water and basically my whole face has been clear except for my chin. Now, I was on Proactiv for 3 months before this 2 month span of just washing with water and I think my chin was pretty clear then, my temples and my forehead were the bad areas.

I don't want to mess with the rest of my face because I figure if it is clear without doing anything thats great. So do you think it would be effective if I just apply the bp gel to my chin?

Also as a side note, it seems my chin has been following some sort of schedule. It will be clear for 5-7 days and then break out for 5-7 days. Any idea what this could mean or is it normal for breakouts to be this routine? Thanks.

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If your acne is localized to just your chin area, you can certainly apply the bp to just that area.

As for your cyclic acne, who knows. Acne is frustrating.

I assume you are a guy. Do you shave daily or randomly? Sometimes shaving can play a role and since your acne is only on your chin, perhaps that is a factor. I will link you to Dan's shaving tips.




Do you wear a helmet with a chinstrap? If so, that could be a factor.

Do you rest your chin in your hands?

Sometimes it is impossible to pin down what may be the problem, and all you can do is treat the area to get it under control.

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