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I have had mild/moderate acne since I was 14 on my face, back, and neck. I have tried every over the counter product and I have researched so many different things. My acne and marks is causing me to lose confidence in my self. I used to have no problems talking to girls but now i cant even look them straight in the eyes.

The dermatolgist put me first on doxycyline, then tetracyline and now im on monocyline. Monocyline has sorta worked but ive been on it for 6 months and havnt seen a major impovement.

Now this part you may need to think about. I get these wierd pimples i guess you could say underneath my skin and they hurt really badly, but they never surface. at first i thought they were blackheads but their not. Like it swells up then it goes down but then all the inflamtion is stuck under the skin and doesnt go away. I have like 10 or 11 of them on my chin and thats my main problem right now. I dont know what the hell they are or how they form. but their untreatable.

I'm going to go to my dermatologist and get Acnetane in order to get rid of all this shit under my skin.

Please help with any suggestions you have.

Thank you for your time. :surprised:

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I always love when people say they've tried "every" over the counter product. Yeah. It's just not really possible. If you had in fact used EVERY over the counter product then there's no way you could've given each one enough time to work.

Not to be a troll or anything. :P

Anyways, I think the next thing to try would be Accutane. Go for it!

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Yeah i just saw that it is nodular acne and it occurs manly in my chin area, possible because i shave the hair around that area. Im looking forward to trying accutane. I read that accutane is the only thing that can get rid of it. Minocyline is a good antibiotic because it clears most bacteria acne, but as far as deep acne is concerned accutane is my only hope!

thanks for the replies!!!

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