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Benzaclin and Retin-A Micro. Help me!

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Before being put on Retin-A Micro in January, I did all my research on it so I knew what to expect. I was perfectly aware of the initial breakouts and such.

Originally, I was using Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion, but that made my skin ridiculously oily, so I requested (...well.. begged) my derm to prescribe me something different. At the point of me being taken off, I was a good 8 1/2 weeks into the treatment and my acne was only getting worse. I had already had the initial breakout too! Now i've been using Benzaclin. Is anything working, though? NO.

Here's my daily routine:


Wash with Clenia Foaming Wash

Apply Benzaclin

Wait 20 minutes

Apply Equate Sensitive Skin Oil-Free Moisturizer (generic of Neutrogena's)


Wash with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser

Wait about a half hour

Apply Retin-A Micro

This treatment isn't doing anything. My skin has been disgusting ever since starting this treatment. I wish to be taken off all of it because, hell, over the counter products were doing better for me!

Do you guys agree with my decision to be taken off?

Thank you!

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Hi - you need to be patient! I was on the same regimen as you and initially hated it as I wasn't seeing a difference but wait it out and it will pay off. Slowly ease your skin into the topicals as it may cause redness and irritation but deep down it's working. Patience is key!!!

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