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Tired of acne, trying out accutane

Yesterday was day one on amnesteem 80mg/day. I am 26 years old, 134 pounds, my acne is moderate, rarely cyst- and only on face; I have never had back/shoulder acne. My siblings "grew out" of their acne, and I am the only one of us still having issues past age 23! Which is not fair.

I am tired of covering up with makeup, and having days of not wanting to leave the house just because of my face. People without it dont understand it, and I hate when people with clear skin get one little pimple on their face, and say "OMG, I am SOO breaking out." :rolleyes: Get over it, its one, imagine a FACE covered with them. Sorry to vent, but just wanted to clear that air.

Back to my regimen:


wash face with SFC gentle soap free cleanser/lotion( I got it with my Duac rx)

take 40mg amnesteem w/breakfast

cetaphil lotion on face

nivea lip balm


wash face with SFC

take 40mg amnesteem with dinner

cetaphil lotion on face

Nivea body lotion on body

and I am on the OrthoEvra patch

I am considering buying T/gel shampoo as I keep hearing my scalp will be super dry and flaky.

The main downside is I live in Florida, and its just now springtime! I will not enjoy having to stay in while most of my friends are at the beach! But I will do anything for clear skin!

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Dont be silly blogs are made to vent. While I was on it I always was thinking how it sucked because I couldnt drink all the time. When I look back now I dont feel like I missed anything. My roomate said to me a week ago 'look at this pimple on my face its HUGE' and I didnt even respond to her. Best of luck to you! im sure it will go great

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Good luck, geauxnola. I would recommend a tgel type shampoo or something for dry hair. I'm using head and shoulders to make the scalp feel better. Since I made the switch, I haven't had a dry scalp/hair problem.

Keep us posted!

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