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Drinking while on Accutane

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I know there are many threads about it but I wanted to bring it back again.

In Holland at april 30th there is national party all around Holland.

So I want to drink that night im currently in month 3. My dosis is 30 MG a day.

Shoudnt I drink at all? or just few glasses? or can I get wasted for one night.

Thanks in advance.

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I had the same problem as I took accutane during my Senior Spring. Drinking is never a good thing to do while on accutane. If you can stay sober that night I would suggest it.. HOWEVER, I drank on accutane with regularity (about once a week I would get hammered on either Friday or Saturday). My dermatologist also told me not to but if I did, she said to not do it before my blood work as that could potentially skew my results and my course would have to be stopped. She also recommended not drinking an absurd amount.

From personal experience, (and again everyone is different), I would have a few beers maybe even a bunch but I never got blackout drunk or even close to it. If you could limit yourself to a tipsy stage I think that would okay.

Again, if you can avoid it, by all means avoid the party.

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I drank the entire 5 months I was on accutane and never had a problem. I probably drank socially ( 3 ish beers) a couple times a week then got drunk once a week. The whole time I ate like crap and drank and my triglycerides, LDL, HDL, all that good stuff, never changed by even a single number. Every month the derm would say none of my numbers had budged at all, and they were all super low when they started. It just depends on the person I guess. I've always been the type that can eat absolutely anything and not gain a single pound so that may play a part in it.

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