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38 year old on roaccutane, 2nd time round!

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Well, Ive been creeping and lurking around here for months now, so I finally took the plunge and joined!

Bit of background for you. I first started suffering with the dreaded acne when I was about 20 (now 38). I had loads of antibiotics and topicals that seemed to work for a short time then it always came back, so, once transferred to dermatology, I had my first course of roaccutane aged about 22. Must say, it was fab, I cant remember any side effects back then as it is so long ago, all I remember is it is an acne wonder drug and it made it all go away! My skin was awesome for years and years.

However, whether it is stress (divorce, house move, new job all in the last 10 months!) or just a natural reoccurance it is back. Ive been on doxycyline and minocycline however it hasnt touched it. I am now 10 days in on my latest bout of roaccutane. It was the shortest dermatology appointment ever, lol, walked in, derm had a look (moderate acne), he asked what I wanted to do, I said roaccutane, he agreed and so here I am, day 10!

I am currently on 20mg but am suffering a few side effects already! Initial breakout is really going for it, 5 or 6 new cysts in the last few days. Dry skin, chapped list, red tired eyes and just generally knackered!!

I hope it all improves! Problem is, i already know this stuff works and I want it to work now, lol.

Any more 'oldies' out there?

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Im 41 & just finished a 8 month course on accutane.Let me tell you want a ruff ride even though my skin looks so much better now i still finding myself not happy with the way i look.Gess its all the years having acne taking its toll on me.

But anyway...just wanted to wish you the best of luck & yes there are some oldies out here :)

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