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Strange blackheads!

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Every since I was a teenager I started getting these weird blackhead things on my butt cheeks. Let me explain what they look like ...

They look like white hairs, and they easily come out, I can just scratch and they will come out, some of them anyways! If it was sideways it would look like this.


And the hair part is basically part of this black head thingy, and the core part at the end is always flat! They also turn into cysts if I get sweaty and scratch! I have tried scrubbing, and have used numerous applications ranging from simple alcohol, to antifungal/yeast/staph and nothing gets rid of them, they always come back. The only way I can get rid of them is to have someone tweez them out. And it takes around an hour, there are a lot of them! When they turn into cysts and pop, the core always comes out but it has no hair part thingy connected. I have never been able to find pictures online of this, and I know it isnt folliculitis! In my inner butt cheeks I get the cysts more often, and I do pop them, and they bleed, and its crazy, this small little flat core causing a big cyst the size of a nickle, sometimes bigger than a quarter! I get them in other locations, like the back of my legs, calfs, but those don't have hair looking parts, I can rub my finger over them and they feel hard, but come out with a simple scratch!

But anyways, I hate them, they make me feel disgusting and worthless, I don't even feel human because of it. If anyone has ever heard of this, or can give me some advice, I would greatly appreciate it. I have been debating on posting my condition online for years, but never had the courage to do so lol!


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Thanks for the reply, however they aren't ingrown hairs, like I stated above, the hair looking part is part of the flat blackhead. I have no hairs on my buttocks! I have tried peroxide, bleach, antifungals, staph, yeast, and numerous products. They always come back, and I believe it to be genetic because both my parents get them in other locations. I believe I will just go see a dermatologist!

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