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Very high triglycerides just after one month

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406 mg/dl to be precise, on 20 mg of accutane daily. but why?? cholesterol is actually below 150 mg/dl and i am thin. Doc prescribed lipitor (Atorvastatin) to see if i can continue but i have doubts; i mean, isn't that a drug prescribed to overweight people having heart attacks?

I can barely afford accutane uninsured so i don't want to try the other drug if it's not going work.

Even if it works i'm afraid it's not a healthy choice at all

What should i do? is there any kind of drug interaction?

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Did you fast for the appropriate amount of time before you had your blood drawn?

Yes, for little more than twelve hours

Your doctor wouldn't have prescribed it if there wasn't a chance it would help your tri's.

There is no known drug interaction.

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P...de0103_0162.pdf (p. 167).

Also, this thread may be of use.

Good luck.

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Hey, thanks for the pdf, some good stuff in there.

I don't have a reason not to trust my doctor, but it's kind of weird he didn't suggest cutting down suggars and saturated fat first instead of going directly to the drug.

I've searched about cases where statin drugs are prescribed in order to reduce the increased lipids isotretioin causes (found nothing), so it doesn't seem to be a common practice, which worries me.

However, found out that acne may protect against heart disease:

So, since the primary culprits of heart disease are high cholesterol and triglycerides, and the main component of sebum, the secretion isotretinoin reduces almost completely by shrinking the sebaceous glands is actually triglycerides (41%) makes me believe that when triglycerides cannot escape through the skin they stay in the liver and the blood in higher quantities

How can statin drugs work correctly if their efficacy is being reduced by isotretinoin? i would need to take higher doses of accutane, which in turn will need higher dosages of lipitor to counter...

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Try this method instead: Tuesday, Thursday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. So that is like twice soft capsules for a week and three times on the other week and so on.

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