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Help please

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Hey all just wondering,

I've been off accutane for a year now and my red marks have faded dramatically however I do still have some light red marks, sort of pinkish and just wondering if I could actually tan now? Because i don't want to wait like another year for them to be completely clear and I don't want to avoid the sun for yet another year.. Im so pasty I look like Edward from twilight!

But I don't want to end up making them alot darker again!

Advice would be much appreciated, thanks.

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Guest Chrisâ„¢

I think pale girls are really sexy. But you're a dude, and I just realized that lol so no comment :D

But yeah, if you start tanning before your red marks fade, they will just get worse. I know this because I had VERY bad red marks for a couple of years all over my face left from bad cystic acne. I have a job where i'm out in the sun for long times. I've found that when i got tanned from being in the sun all day it would just make them much more noticable. I'm guessing it would be the same with tanning, although i've never tanned on purpose. Just give it some more time man, it will be worth it in the end when they are gone. 6 months/1 year isn't that long to tough it out.

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