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Need to stop using BP

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I'm going to basic military training in the next few months, so unfortunately I won't be able to use the acne.org regimen until I'm done with training. So basically, I'll still use a cleanser and moisturizer, but I won't have time for benzoyl peroxide and AHA. I've read on a post here a while ago that if you want to stop using the BP treatment you have to gradually reduce the applications so that way your skin doesn't breakout as bad as if you just stop completely. So I'm guessing I should start using BP at night only?

I know everyone's skin reacts differenly, but some advice would be greatly appreciated! Has anyone else gradually stopped using BP? Thanks!

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Yes, I've had to reduce the amount of BP. For some reason my skin all of the sudden can't tolerate it anymore. I used it on my back and chest (after using it every other day for two month) and broke out in hives. I have an itchy blister on my cheek, so I don't put BP there but try to let it heal.

I haven't broken out at all. Maybe one next to my eye brow but I think that's from plucking. It's been about two weeks now since I reduced it to once a day and a dime size amount and haven't broken out. We will see...

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I'm starting to come under the impression that with a small amount of DKR people, once someone's face clears on the regimen, they can use BP less often and/or in smaller amounts and still stay clear, like me. Maybe it's because you don't need to treat so much because you aren't constantly fighting off the acne bacteria anymore like you are during the first months of the regimen.

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Thanks for the replies!!

Chikyuu... that makes sense! I'm just using the BP at night only now.

Today is my third day doing my new regimen. I gotta say, my face is soooo much smoother and hydrated! I especially get dry and flakey around my mouth, but this morning my skin just looks healthier. I even put some powder (Physician's Formula) on my cheeks and chin to reduce the redness a bit, and my makeup went on so smooth and even. Usually my face looks dry and gross when I use this powder since my skin is so dry. So far I'm still clear! Haha I know it's only been 3 days.

I'm hoping to remain clear and gradually reduce the BP. Maybe next month I will just use BP only every other night... Ahhh I'm really hoping I don't breakout really bad when I go to BMT!!!

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