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Spiro question

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Hey , I am 21 years old. I had substantial acne when I was 15-16 that was completely cured by doxycycline and differin. But....in the last month I have developed BAD cystic acne around my jaw line so I saw a dermatologist today who prescribed Spiro & Yaz. My question is....how long until I see results from this Spiro/ Yaz cocktail???

Also, I read in other posts that people were required to do blood work in order to get on this pill. Should I be weary that this dermatologist just prescribed it and didn't ask about my blood pressure/testosterone levels?

Thanks guys!!!

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You should start seeing results within about 3-6 months from yaz and spiro. I don't think you should necessarily be wary because you didn't have any bloodwork done. I was prescribed yasmin several years ago with no bloodwork or blood pressure tests. I thought I could stop taking it, I got cheap lol. I was recently prescribed spiro. The doctor did bloodwork in the form of hormone tests to see if I had polycystic ovary syndrome and it came back normal. I'm 30. You are pretty young, if you're healthy, I don't think doctors would be too worried about either yaz or spiro causing you health problems. My doctor said it is safe to take spiro long term also and was not concerned about it lowering my blood pressure which is low-normal. I don't think bloodwork is necessarily a requirement for spiro, some doctors might do it, especially if the woman is older, but from what I've read not everyone had to have tests done. My advice would be to drink lots of water and not take any potassium supplements or eat a whole lot of high potassium food on a regular basis.

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I started the same cocktail a couple weeks ago with Zarah, the generic of Yaz, and 50 mg of spiro daily. Not to discourage you, but I'm going through a pretty bad IB that started last Friday-- I hope you're one of the lucky ones who get to skip that! If you don't mind my asking, what's your initial spiro dosage?

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