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Stupidly squeezed a blackhead now it's a sore lump, what do I put on it?

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The skin isn't broken; I'm keeping it clean and not touching it but what should I put on it to hopefully stop it becoming a full on major problem? My options are:


tea tree and witch hazel cream (non-comedogenic)

a self-made tea tree/water solution

1% hydrocortisone cream (which i use very rarely on problem cysts)


I'm ALLERGIC to BP! :( Advice would be very much appreciated, thank you!!!

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It sounds upset enough as it is, I'd pro'lly suggest using benzoyl peroxide if you're not sensitive to it, apply ice to it to calm it down and otherwise leave it alone. I hate when I pick/squeeze and regret it afterwards. :doh: But I've found really that once you've done it, less really is more.

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Thanks guys, but icing is only doing so much. It's a hard lump still. I always forget to mention I'm allergic (really, full-on ALLERGIC) to BP. It's such a pain.

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hey can one of you confirm if a blackhead doesn't have to be black??

sometimes ill get this things on my face that if i pop em this little, somewhat hard thing comes out (im sorry if this sounds confusing.. i rly can't explain it any other way)... btw if pop em, besides getting rid of them thru exfloiation, its likely it'll turm into a red bump the next day later turning into a nasty zit... O_O

any suggestions what the techinical name for this is???

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