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allergy to retin-a micro?

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I was prescribed Retin-A Micro 0.04% by my doctor. After just one sparing application on my face, my whole face gets so itchy and red IN ADDITION to places I never applied the medication. My ears, neck, and upper chest become very red, hot, and itchy for days (in addition to my face) after just one application of it.

I have mild-to-moderate acne but when I had severe acne over 4 years ago, I had used Differin 0.1% and Stievamycin Forte (0.05% tretinoin) without issue. The only side effects had been extremely flakey skin, but no itching or burning.

Is this reaction to Retin-A a normal side-effect or am I allergic to it?

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How much are you appling to your face? Squeeze a small amount (about the size of a pea) onto your fingertip...that all you need.

Look up Atralin gel.

I too years ago was prescribed Retin A, which my skin didn't like at all - turned red and itchy like yours. That's why I was hesitant in trying the Atralin gel. But fortuantley my face is responding tho this very well.

Look up their site:

ATRALIN™ (tretinoin) Gel 0.05% contains tretinoin, an effective ingredient for treating acne breakouts and preventing future breakouts from happening.1 In fact, many dermatologists prescribe a tretinoin because it works so well—even on tough acne. But unlike other acne medications, ATRALIN™ Gel is the only tretinoin formulation that features a unique combination of ingredients that are known to moisturize and hydrate skin.*

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How much are you appling to your face?

The Retin-A Micro comes in a pump that says to use two pumps. I used that much, which is about a pea-sized amount in total. I dabbed it all over my face then spread it in. It was barely enough to cover my face (I wasn't even sure that all areas did get covered).

Thanks, I will look into the product you mentioned.

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