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What is the best way to treat a few boxed scars?

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I have a few boxed and ice-picked scars from acne. The ice-picked ones are not that bad. I'd like to at least make the boxed scars look better. I'm a 26 asian male. I have a 9-5 job so something that does not require downtime will work for me. What would be the best way to treat my scars? I'm Chicago, could you recommend any doctor that you personally know.

Thank you,

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for your boxcars...

tca cross can lift them up, but this won't get rid of them completely

phenol peel can also lift them up, but not completely, and it's more dangerous than tca cross

laser can lift the skin up, but not completely, the most powerful one right now is fraxel repair, but as you're asian, you probably can't use it due to hyperpigmentation problems, so if you go the laser route, you'll probably have to go with an erbium laser (as opposed to a co2 laser)

subcision is probably the second most effective option, right after excision, but it won't make them completely unnoticeable

excision is the last option, which is simply surgical extraction of the scar tissue, this is the only way to raise the scar completely, but has its risks

tca cross can raise your ice pick scars very effectively

so can phenol acid spot application (again, phenol acid is more dangerous than tca acid)

punch excision is the last option, it will raise the scar completely, but again, has its risks

all of these can be combined with stem cell applications/injections to help the healing process

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