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La La La

Combine the vinegar method with rose hip oil

Hi peeps...made a slight change to my regimen.been searchin the scar forum here and came across a lot of ppl discussing vinegar which helped with scarring...

i was very intrigued abt this and decided to try it out...so here's what i did:

Mixed a quarter of vinegar to half a glass of water(raw vinegar is just askin for trouble and will feel like alcohol on a skin cut)Thenplaced a cotton wool ball in the mixture and wiped it all over my face(the smell was gagging,but what do u do??) i let this dry and left it on over nite to c what would happen(before this,i washed my face with cold water thoroughly,just incase u were wondering:)and when i woke up..what a difference!! many of the red marks had simply vanished and although i had a lot of dry skin(which i think was due to the vinegar) i noticed that when this dryness was peeled off,there was no mark underneath(though i would advise that if the skin is not hangin off the face-eugh-do not attempt at taking it off!!)though we all shouldnt be pickin at our faces anyhow!!!!

I didnt wash the vinegar off my face as i assumed that being as its used as a toner,u wouldnt wash it off anyway.I also continue puting my rose hip oil during the day with the vinegar(i wash face thoroughly with cold water,apply the vinegar and then the rose hip oil)i have been doin this for 3 days and the results have been wonderful(even better than the rose hip on its own!!)

Just thought i'd share this with u all...

La La La.xxx

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I might try this out on a mark I'd received from a burn on my arm.

Rosehip seed oil is good for scars (red marks) & see what happens???

~ Sapphina

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