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Question about getting a cortisone shot

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I recently went to my derm a month and a half ago to get one. This worked very well for me, but I had to go back like two weeks ago to get another injection due to another breakout. Well, today I have a new cyst betweek my eyes, and knowing cortisone injections work for me like no other, should I go back even though it's only been two weeks? This is detrimental to my well-being and cortisone seems like a great short-term solution for me, but I'm worried they'll be aggravated at me because it's been so soon. Ice and hot compresses do not work as well. What should I do?

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If you feel like you need it go back... dont worry about if they will be mad or not... but be careful i have experienced dents from cortisone shots.. sometimes worse than the cyst

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Go back - if you have insurance take FULL advantage (not everyone has that luxury), they will be far from aggravated by you, chances are they make a lot of money via your insurance company, for just giving you a shot. If they seem aggravated and are rude to you, take your business elsewhere - A rude dermo won't last long, especially in today's economy. Don't ever deprive yourself of something that improves your acne, and helps with your self esteem.


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