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One Eighty

Treat and conceal?

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Okay, so any help would be much appreciated!

Just a little background of my situation:

In my teen years I had a problem with body acne - my chest and back suffered from mild-moderate acne. I went on a course of roaccutane that was hell for dry skin but effectively cleared up most of the problem, as far as I can remember.

Then, one drunken night, I got my chest waxed (I'm a hairy guy)

The spots came, and obviously this was because of the waxing - and due to the amateur wax the redness and ingrown hairs were all over my chest. They cleared uo more but never completely.

I've had my chest waxed 3 times since, but never again. I've never been able to get rid of the red marks on my chest - and I don't know if it's acne or ingrown hairs!

I've tried all sorts of prescribed creams and antibiotics - isotretanoin, flucloxycilin - the lot. but they never seem to really work. to be fair i don't stick at them for exceedingly long but i don't think they'll ever work.

So, recently I've found that using a clearasil exfoliator cream helps a little, but the redness does flare up. i've also got 'No Bump' topical solution which has helped redice a bit of the redness - but only a bit.

My case isn't severe, but it does knock my self-confidence a little and it's been a long-lasting problem that I wish to be over with! I want to take my top off in summer and not have to worry about how many spots I have on my chest!!

So, I've gotten into concealing - can't seem to find the right product though. Most of it's too dark for my pre-tan look (not quite got an all-on body tan yet!) so it's obvious I've been using it. Now I've got Garnier Tinted Spot Roll-On which claims to treat and conceal spots. But it's, again, too dark for my skin tone yet this is the lightest tone. Maybe it'll be better when I tan, as I tan quite well.

But has anyone got any advice for my situation? The main annoyance is that I don't know if my chest is plagued with acne or ingrown hairs, or both - and if they need different attention.

Thanks for reading!

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