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a very unique guide on acne and how to stop it. A new outlook of sorts.

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The best advice I have ever read on acne, imo kinda revolutionary from from the norm.

Hope it helps someone (:

one thing I was really impressed with The whole thing about moister in the skin that can pinch off sebum canals witch cause acne. And How you can stop it by eliminating water retention through diet.

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I don't know how credible this e-book is, but if it is legit it has loads of useful information for people with questions on this board. I'm reading through it now.

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The water thing and blocked pores connection is intriguing. Many people nowadays are chronically dehydrated and I've heard of it being linked to things such as skin inflammation.

I've been clear for a while now, but I didn't even know it up until a few months ago as weird as that sounds. Why? Because of hyperpigmentation and inflamed areas on my skin. I thought I was still breaking out in certain spots because the skin didn't look like the rest of my face where I was clear. After I started drinking loads more water and green smoothies, those spots disappeared relatively fast.

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Well as the author mentioned, drinking more water can help, but either way water retention is what the problem is.

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