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tca cross on temple

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I treated a couple scars on my temple and now that the scabs fell off they look almost the same or maybe slightly deeper and have a white-ish look to them. They are not red at all. Is that normal for tca cross on the temple area or anywhere else? I read through most of the tca threads but I don't remember if this was mentioned. Thanks for any response you can give.

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Anyone have the same experience? I thought there would be redness, but there is none. Hope it will still fill in. I was thinking the redness would indicate it was still healing and re-growing collagen.

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There may be permanent or temporary hypopigmentation in the treated areas. You MUST be absolutely sure that your technique is impeccable and that's a big reason I encourage people to at least have the first TCA CROSS done by a professional.

If you're still in your first month it sounds like you're progressing normally. Do not expect immediate improvements as they can take MONTHS to show up with remodeled collagen. This is NOT an immediate improvement technique except for the very illusory and temporary microswelling for maybe up to 72 hours after you have done the treatment.

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i have a couple of small dots of hypopigmentation from tca cross performed by a professional

i would assume that these spots resulted from the times she poked my skin extra hard and long

luckily for me, they are pretty unnoticeable

in your case, give it some more time before drawing any conclusions. don't do anymore treatments until at least 6 weeks have passed.

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