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skin looks best after waking up?

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lol i was just gonna make a topic asking this very question! i thought i was alone on this but same here! whenever i wake up my skin looks absolutely great! it glows it looks perfect...y is this?

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Same thing happens to me as well, in the morning and just when I get out of the shower.

Maybe it has something to do with your body getting rest and letting its natural mechanisms fight off the bacteria on your face? Or it replenishes your skin with moisture overnight and plumps it up.

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I think it's just because we haven't applied anything topical yet.. cuz I know after I go through my routine with cleanser + topical med., my skin looks like shit for at least an hour, if not more.

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red marks are not as red first thing in the morning because there is less blood flow to the face.

another reason is that the skin looks worse later in the day when it becomes more oily.

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yeah I've noticed this too-I've also noticed that my skin is not at all oily in the morning but oily at the end of a regular day?! Weird-anybody else have htis experience?

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I've been on accutane almost six months and have next to no oil on my face but this morning glory still happens to me. So oil is not a factor.

when you wake up you get

- less blood flow to raised side of body

- puffy skin

- poorer eyesight as your cornea starts reacting to light again.

basically you look better only to yourself. once your eyes readjust proper you'll look the same.

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Ok.. I have the thing where I wake up with hardly any oil on my face. What is that about? I can sleep 7-8 hours and not turn into a greaseball, but after 2 hours awake I look all slimey.. I don't get it!

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