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Okay, so I am getting a bit excited here... but I thought I should start looking up what scar treatments are out there.

My acne is clearing up (check out my gallery to see progress) and I hope to continue to see progress.

Anyway, what can I do for these scars?

I've tried tumeric, and it stained everything... wasn't pretty. I also use a honey mask and aloe.

What have you done for your red marks?

What would you recommend?

Thanks :)







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they look like it.. but don't wry i have them too... (i'll be able to say i had PIH scars by then in a couple of months :boogie: )

i no u said that u've tried turmeric and that it stained everything but trust me it works... im hoping to have mine all gone by late summer.. if not by the end of the year.

when using turmeric u have to use other products like either baking soda or milk or even yogurt to get rid of the stainig (i use baking soda).. and then after words moisturize (i moisturize with natural vit. e oil and rub off any excess staining when applying the vit e. on my face with a cotton ball) its worked. trust me i wouldn't go out of the house if i looked like snooki :X ..

anyway just don't dismiss is as not helpful b/c ur first experience with it mite have been.. well messy.

this is a good thread where ppl have listed their experiences and what they use when using turmeric for PIH scars :) :http://www.acne.org/messageboard/turmeric-...ng-t221077.html

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