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Good alternatives to shaving cream?

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Hey all in the past I have been using barbasol and never really paid any attention to the ingredients until a couple days ago when i shaved last, noticing it has SLS, which is bad for the skin as most of you know, especially for those with acne. Anyways, I need to find an alternative to this shaving cream, does anyone have any suggestions to something I can use that will not irritate my skin?

Also, I have to shave tomorrow morning and was wondering if there was a household item I could use since I dont have time to go out and buy a new cream/gel, any suggestions? Someone that wont irritate or clog pores, please. thanks

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For the past two weeks I've been using the gentle skin cleanser from Cetaphil. Mainly because I'm being really cheap and just using that for body wash, face wash, and now shaving gel. I think my skin is slightly less irritated with it, and definitely not more. It's great because it definitely won't clog your pores.

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Shaving soap would be my suggestion.

I bought a small tub of it a couple months back, and it's pretty much been a wonder for me. For one, it's extremely cheap. It has the same consistency as regular soap, you have to lather it up yourself using a shaving brush which is a problem if you don't have a brush, but I'd seriously recommend getting one. They're not expensive, either. I never used to get such a close shave as I do now, and I used to use canned shaving cream and shave against the grain. Shaving soap is a lot less aerated, allowing you to get a very close shave. There's also a lot less chemicals in it, which means it doesn't irritate your skin (I say this as someone with extremely sensitive skin). Another advantage is it's not aerosol based, meaning it's better for the environment and probably safer, if aerosols on your face worry you. I guess it goes without saying you need to shave with an actual razor, too.

As for a temporary household good, I've heard warm soapy water pretty much does the same thing as regular shaving cream (I wouldn't be surprised, that stuff is an absolute scam) but it'd probably be pretty inflammatory for someone with acne, I wouldn't advise it.

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