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Eucerin vs. Neutorgena lotion?

I've been using ProActiv for a long time, but just started the Regimen. My skin isn't reacting well to the BP Gel and my face isn't getting irritated from the Gel. I'm assuming because I've been using ProActiv for so long.

I'm using the recommended Neutrogena lotion because it was described as a good starter lotion.

Now I am considering the Eucerin lotion as it's the highest rated lotion on the products page. What are people's experience who have used both? What do the Alpha Hydroxy Acids in the Eucrin do?


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ProActiv worked pretty well for me. However, I never felt like my pores were very clean. When comparing it to Dan's Regimen, maybe it's because ProActiv doesn't recommend to use as much product (read: BP) as Dan advocates.

The main reason for trying the Regimen is cost. ProActiv is very expensive when you look at how much you spend on it a year. I was having it shipped every 6 weeks at roughly $50 a shipment.

So far I'm having a good experience with the regimen and I've only been on it for a week or so.

Anyway, does anyone have an answer to my original post? smile.gif

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the only reason Dan didn't recommend Eucerin to beginners is cause it contains Alpha Hydroxy acids which kinda stings and hurts your face. Therefore, if you use it initially, it might irritate a little.

I began the Regimen a few weeks ago using Neutrogena mositurizer and it was okay, but lately it hasn't really helped moisturize my face at all. I would use a ton of it and it barely acted as a remedy. I just switched to Eucerin a few days ago and it's working wonders...I use less of the solution and it keeps it moist all day long.

If it were me, I'd take one for the team and start with Eucerin...I think you can handle a burn or two first hand. biggrin.gif

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