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What's the best bc that won't make u crazy?!

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I'm 25 and I was on bc since I was 12. (due to irregular periods) I quit taking it this last September. Over the years I have tried soo many different ones (I can't really remember them all or if I hated them all for the same reasons) anyways I am on spironolatone now and it's only been a month but I've got my period 2ce already. I'm going to give it a few months but I might need to go back on bc. I just want something that will regulate my periods and not make me crazy ( by that I mean paranoid anxious and just super emotional) I've noticed the spiro has made me feel that way a little bit... Mostly just irritable I guess but not so bad that I can't deal with it. I don't know if that'll go away but I def don't need bc added to it making it worse. I would really appreciate any recs and also and additional side effects u might've had. Thanks!

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Spironolactone is good for acne, but doesn't seem like it would be too good for regulating periods. That might actually cause periods to be irregular even if they were regular before. It might be better for emotions and mood than bc pills. Birth control pills like yaz and yasmin are also good for acne, but I found they caused some breakthrough bleeding in between periods. Orthotricyclen and estrostep are also approved for acne. Not sure which bc's wouldn't make a person go crazy though. I never noticed that side effect seeing as how I was crazy before I went on bc and after I went off :) Someone else might have an idea but I think it might vary from person to person?

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