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Body Acne, pigment damage and tattoo's

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Anyone done it?, how did it turn out?.

Ive been interested in getting a tattoo for ages, only problem being at 29 years old ive had body acne for the last 14 years.

While I hate it with a passion I know it could be worse (as some of our brothers and sisters here have been brave enough to show in photo's). My body acne is just regular not cystic, though I do get some big nasty pus packing white heads when its at its worst. While this may be disgusting it has not left me with any physical surface type scars but it has done a fair bit of pigment damage over alot of my torso. The back of my shoulders are the worst with several significant blotches.

Ironically ive gotten abit of a tan for the first time in years in the last few days and its switched from pale white skin with red blotches to light tanned skin with murky brown blotches. Any hope of the tan glossing over the marks is down the toilet, indeed I cant decide which looks worse, white with red or slightly tanned white with watery brown.

Getting back to tattoo's, while ive wanted one for a long time for its own sake, I would definitely like the secondary benefit of covering up some of the worst blotches on my skin.

Ive been putting off getting one for so many years hoping my acne would one day end but 30 is just around the corner and nothing's changed in the last decade so I think im gonna be stuck with it for life, or it will fade away once i reach an age where I no longer care about how I look as a final kick in the teeth.

I really want to get one, but im worried that it may look nice to begin with then as time passes and spots come and go in the area that it will be damaged/warped over time and end up a ruined eyesore - the opposite of what its supposed to be.

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