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i'm scov and ive suffered with fairly severe acne for around 2 years not, before which i had moderate acne for about 3 years. in the last year my acne has really started to get to me and i find myself choosing to stay at home rather than go out and when im at college i really struggle talking to people even if there friends of mine. a year ago i was a fit and active guy who happened to hav acne but never let it get him down, i captained a rugby team and i had loads of really good mates. now im a lonely sad guy, who's friends are starting to give up on him and not only is my acne getting worse but my fitness and overall health is diminishing too.

i really want to start getting on with my life again. does anyone hav any similar experiences and if so did you find a way to overcome it.

any help will do me

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It's all in your mind man; change your attitude or motivate yourself in a way that works for you or change the way you look at things or ask yourself questions regarding why you feel bad when you do and then give yourself answers which you then think about and in doing so you might think "Omg if I'd hear someone else say that to me I'd tell them to lighten up! :surprised: ". Etc.

Work on it that way. That's how your going to get through if you ask me. Keep moving forward. Don't sit still and sink down into negativity as there's no point, ok?

Keep your chin up mate. It's not the end of the world.

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man..u'll have to find a reason to live the life u want..acne can really fck up things but u know life goes on.people are gonna care, not care, u just gotta live ur life..acne sucks..

i fight, practice martial arts, i do weight training, listen to heavy metal,i drink, i smoke weed, i break things-- bricks-wood blocks......i have very few friends..2-3?? my gal broke up with me coz she didn't know what i was going through..i never could honestly tell her about my acne..i got some ego problem i guess:)0

well i'm just livin mate..just living..life would be wonderful without acne.. but life ain't so bad either.

all the best.

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Chances are your friends aren't bugged by your acne, they probably don't even notice it. Your hiding, and distance because of your acne may be coming off as negativity towards them, or dislike. Try talking to your friends and letting them understand why you've been acting like this - they may be relieved, and if they are true friends your acne would never have mattered.

Also be thankful your a guy, as unfortunate as it is, girls tend to get judged so much more harsh for their imperfections than guys. A girl suffering from severe acne, I feel, has a much worse effect on her dating life. My friend had his freshmen year of college at Michigan State during his worst breakouts ever - hes a good looking guy, but his acne was horrendous that year - he still managed to hook up with more chicks that year than I have in several [maybe MSU girls just have no standards ZING! - GO BLUE - kidding but still go blue]. In short I don't know why but acne doesn't seem to bug girls as much - It may have something to do with the perception of female beauty and male beauty; feminine beauty tends to be delicate, flawless, and "cute", where as male beauty is more rugged, stern, and angular - I think its obvious which of the two types acne is going to interfere the most with. So keep your confidence in the lady department, because your not at much of a disadvantage, as long as you have your confidence you will succeed - try communicating with your friends more, and be grateful; as a fit active guy with lots of friends, chances are your better off than 50% of the population when it comes to appearance.

gl with your skincare

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